Instituto Escolhas develops studies and analyses regarding fundamental themes for sustainable development, providing innovative approaches to major socioenvironmental challenges.

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Can the fight to poverty contribute to the end of deforestation in Brazil?

An unprecedented study by Instituto Escolhas tests the hypothesis that a reduction of poverty and increase of formal job availability is linked to reduction of deforestation.

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With an eye on the new government, what did Escolhas do in the last 100 days?

On April 10, the new Lula government reached the 100-day milestone. In the environmental area, the developments in this first quarter make it clear that the game has changed.  Access the material to learn more.

Watch all episodes of the series "Unlocking the bioeconomy"

What is bioeconomy and how can it become even more relevant for the country’s development? This is the question answered by the series, the result of a study that identified the interests of the audience Escolhas for an agenda of basic socioenvironmental concepts.

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