Escolhas Fellowship
of Economics and Environment

The Escolhas Fellowship of Economics and Environment fosters research on contemporary and global socioenvironmental issues with focus on an economic sciences approach.

The Escolhas Fellowship is the only scholarship program for postgraduate economic sciences students who study socioeconomical development and its relations with the environment in Brazil. Recently, the Fellowship became exclusive for researchers proceeding from the Legal Amazonia with priority for Indigenous and Afro-descendants at the beginning of their master’s degree studies.

Besides strengthening and expanding the research field of excellence, the program aims to disclose the immense and still underexplored potential generated with an approach of the economy with environmental challenges to advance strategic debates required for the country.

The general objectives of the Escolhas Fellowship


To stimulate the use of an economic sciences approach in the Brazilian academic environment to study contemporary socio-environmental issues.


To highlight the importance of specialists´ training dedicated to teaching and researching on contemporary socio-environmental issues with an economic sciences approach in the Brazilian academia.


To promote courses, seminars and lectures that address the socio-environmental theme based on an approach with application of an economic sciences methodology.


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