The dialogue between
socio-environmental challenges
and economic sciences is
possible and necessary


It all begins with a fundamental and unprecedented question, most frequently uncomfortable regarding some aspect, initiative or possible solution for challenges of the socio-environmental scenario – in Amazonia, in Brazil or in the world.

It is based on this element that Instituto Escolhas develops its studies and analyses, always with the support of professionals or research groups with unquestionable experience in the addressed themes. The studies last for months, guided by the organization’s values and accuracy by application of scientific methodologies.

After disclosure of the data and identified evidence – published in detailed reports regarding the trailed process, including executive summaries, policy briefs or texts for discussion – a broad effort begins for the information to impact the different sectors of society and trigger concrete changes in the scope of public and private policies. For this reason, communication and articulation actions end all cycles of project development and proposition of solutions, coordinated by Instituto Escolhas.

Presently, the portfolio
of Instituto Escolhas
includes the following themes:

Our methodology

Whether personally or collectively, the climate emergency calls upon us to trail new ways to conduct our world toward regeneration.
But what should be done?
In what time span?
And at what cost?
This is where
Instituto Escolhas comes in.
Raising key issues and placing numbers into the debate regarding major socioenvironmental challenges.

And we do this through innovative, encompassing, and consistent studies.

Elaborated in partnership with highly qualified professionals in the researched theme. Always.

The data and evidence raised by the studies are divulged through vehicles of communication, articulation, mobilization, and advocacy.
We make information reach those who need them most. And that´s not all.
We make information reach those who need them most. And that´s not all.
Instituto Escolhas subsidizes the elaboration of bills, promotes articulation spaces with decision makers, calls the society to take part in the debate, and presents possible solutions to...
turn sustainable development with a low-carbon economy into reality.

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