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This month’s interview: William Wills

Zero emissions from the electricity sector in Brazil would have negligible impact on GDP Coordinator of the study What does it cost to…

For growth and increased market share, Brazil needs to be green

President of UBS Brazil believes environmental assets and agribusiness are the best bet for Brazil to have prominence in the globalized world Sylvia…

Minister of Cities agrees with study on residing in far off locations, currently in development by the Escolhas Institute.

The low-cost housing project, which appears to be segregating the low-income population in remote locations, is scheduled to launch in July this year…

Escolhas Platforms

Escolhas on the web (in Portuguese only)

The Instituto Escolhas is an organization that, through research, studies and analyses, seeks to identify the economic, social and environmental costs of public and private projects on themes such as energy, oceans, forests and urbanization.
(Escolhas means choices in Portuguese)

Inspirational photos kindly provided by the authors. The images express shared political commitments and project aesthetic and ethical values compatible with the socio-environmental diversity of Brazil.

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