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Digital platform allows users to simulate future Brazilian electric matrix

The aim is to promote contemplation about energy sources and their impact on the economy, the environment, and the lives of Brazilians The…

Escolhas releases publication about the Brazilian electrical matrix

Aim of the study is to understand the impact of electricity generation sources on the economy and emissions The Escolhas Institute has released…

Platform calculates investment necessary for forest restoration of rural properties

The Escolhas Institute has launched a digital platform #Quantoé? plantar floresta (Planting forest: what is the cost?) that helps estimate the financial sums…

Escolhas Platforms

Escolhas on the web (in Portuguese only)

The Instituto Escolhas is an organization that, through research, studies and analyses, seeks to identify the economic, social and environmental costs of public and private projects on themes such as energy, oceans, forests and urbanization.
(Escolhas means choices in Portuguese)

Inspirational photos kindly provided by the authors. The images express shared political commitments and project aesthetic and ethical values compatible with the socio-environmental diversity of Brazil.

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